Watch rapper 2 Chainz demolish Nancy Grace’s argument against marijuana legalization



HLN host Nancy Grace has an amazing record of being off-base about weed. A year ago she anticipated that Colorado’s cannabis legitimization activity would prompt “one of the greatest wrongdoing waves you’ve ever seen!” (wrongdoing was, truth be told, basically level in Colorado a year ago). She went ahead to contend that pot clients “shoot one another … wound one another … strangle one another, drive impaired, murder families,” a claim that was esteemed “generally false” by Politifact.

To put it plainly, regarding weed, Nancy Grace has lifted the act of mistaking story for information to a workmanship. Her dominance of the structure was on showcase again the previous evening in a “verbal confrontation” with rapper 2 Chainz, which you can watch in full beneath.

In addition to different reasons, Nancy Grace says she contradicts weed sanctioning on the grounds that she discovered some Youtube features of imbeciles letting their babies breathe in. “On the off chance that this is authorized,” she says, “then everyone is gonna have boundless access to pot. Flippant tyke abusers are gonna have free get to!” She tops off more than 20 minutes of broadcast appointment rehashing this contention.

2 Chainz gamely plays along, repelling with engages rationale and sound judgment – that everyone as of now has entry to pot, that we squander a great deal of cash implementing moronic medication laws, and that, in the same way as individuals who drink, the vast majority who smoke weed are not the sort of simpletons who would offer it to their little children.

He specifies that, as a mindful guardian, he doesn’t let his children attempt liquor or weed, or cigarettes, or even stimulant or pop. “You won’t even let your girls have a Coca-Cola or a Pepsi,” Grace asks him right now, “and you’re pushing the sanctioning of weed? It doesn’t fit together.”

Anyway it does. There are a lot of unsafe or destructive things that we don’t let our little youngsters do. Drink. Consume an excessive amount of garbage nourishment. Watch an excessive amount of TV. Drive autos. Anyway! We don’t make those things illicit, and toss grown-ups behind bars for doing them. Like 2 Chainz, I don’t give my own babies pop in light of the fact that its presumably not bravo. Anyway that doesn’t imply that we ought to bandit Pepsi.

As a previous prosecutor, Nancy Grace likely realizes that her argument against weed legitimization rests on a modest bunch of inwardly charged accounts – and unconvincing ones at that. Perhaps she is attempted an epic trolling operation to mock pot restriction. I simply think about what number of her viewers are in on the joke.

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