Survivor’s Natalie: I Wouldn’t Have Been Able to Win with Nadiya



Natalie Anderson says a hardest aspect concerning taking an interest in Season 29 of Survivor was not having her twin sister Nadiya (who was killed in Week 1) in the opposition with her. However, in the meantime, Natalie accepts she never would have possessed the capacity to force off her merited triumph on the off chance that she wasn’t compelled to play the diversion all alone.

“On the off chance that Nadiya was there, I wouldn’t have possessed the capacity to draw off what I did,” Natalie told Tvguide.com the day following her triumph. “It would have been way more amusing to play with Nadiya … however it wouldn’t have been simple for me to play the amusement I played, in light of the fact that I played an extremely unobtrusive diversion the extent that not telling individuals what I was doing. I wasn’t out there like Jeremy and Jon, where I was in this position where individuals saw me as a danger.”

Despite the fact that Nadiya told Tvguide.com after her ouster that her and Natalie’s support on The Amazing Race (twice) “returned to bite [her],” Natalie accepts that the lessons she gained from the other reality show served to advise her Survivor system.

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“The way that I’d lost a million dollars twice, it didn’t upset me and it didn’t unnerve me to make enormous moves and be similar to, ‘Guess what? Who minds in the event that I lose a million bucks once more? Been there, done that. Who gives a s -? Simply play the diversion for what it is,'” she says. “That is the way you can truly play the amusement, is whether you overlook that there’s a million bucks toward the end and you play it solely for the reason of playing, which is the passionate, and the social. The drive behind me playing the diversion was Nadiya, Jeremy, substantiating myself to everyone that questioned me. All that stuff is a way preferable driver over the million bucks.”

Thus, which rivalry did Natalie appreciate more? Perused our full Q&a to discover — and additionally whether she felt remorseful about double-crossing Missy and Baylor, and what she plans to do with her rewards.

Tvguide.com: Congratulations on your win! How are you feeling?

Natalie: Thanks! I lost my voice I’m still a tad bit plastered I think, yet I’m doing great.

Thus, what made you choose to sucker punch Baylor rather than Missy?

Natalie: a few things. One was that I actually had a bond with Missy from Day 1. … I realized that her dedication was better for me in the Final 4 circumstance than Baylor, on the grounds that Baylor and me — yes, we had some good times and, no doubt, we were “Survivor sisters” yet she didn’t owe me anything. Likewise, keeping Missy in the amusement permitted me to have some person I could avoid off of and not appear like the greatest risk. I think I was the greatest risk, yet it was truly simple for me to panic Keith into intuition Missy was a huge danger, and alarm Missy into speculation Keith was an enormous danger. Fundamentally I simply needed to keep her in on the grounds that I knew I could believe all her me near to her, and keep me in the Final 3. … I figured Baylor would have been an unstable presence on the off chance that I had kept her around. What’s more on the off chance that I voted out Missy, it is extremely unlikely I could have depended on Baylor to still be with me. … I knew Missy being around was better for me over the long haul than Baylor being around.

Survivor’s Nadiya: The Amazing Race returned to bite me

We didn’t get to see any of your discussion with Jaclyn. What did you say to her to persuade her to vote Baylor?

Natalie: It was truly a minute ago. Everyone was on the Jaclyn train. … Everyone was slightly like, “Goodness, time to get Miss Michigan out.” I went up to her right before we went to Tribal and I was similar to, ‘Vote in favor of Baylor.’ And she was truly confounded. She didn’t know I had an icon, and she thought really Missy had flipped on Baylor and was attempting to vote out Baylor. I was similar to, ‘Simply vote out Baylor.’ I didn’t have at whatever time to harden it. … I knew she had no other play, so on the off chance that I let her know that spur of the moment, she would be on it, however there was no surety. I don’t even know why the damnation I asked her at Tribal Council ‘Did you vote the way I let you know?’ It bodes well that I would make an inquiry like that in Survivor and anticipate that them will let me know reality. Yet she did, so it was beneficial for me.

You, Missy and Baylor had such a tight partnership. Did you battle with flipping on them?

Natalie: It was hard. It didn’t make it simple for me, however I know its a diversion toward the end of the day. You could see, when the votes began coming in, I was outrageously miserable for Baylor, on the grounds that we truly did bond out there. … Anyway that didn’t make me lose concentrate on why I was on Survivor. I didn’t go out there to make companions. It was magnificent that I did, however that is not the reason I was on Survivor.

After you had the capacity architect Jon’s ouster, would you say you were really sure that you were on a street to triumph?

Natalie: I wasn’t certain I was going to win, and I feel that is one of the reasons I did so well on the show. … The main time I felt certain was once I saw the look on the jury’s face when me, Missy and Jaclyn left our stools for the last time. I knew the gentlemen regarded me as an individual and as an amusement player. It was great to see the votes the way they came in, on the grounds that winning for the cash’s amazing, however there’s an insane feeling that you get when the jury’s really content to record your name, and energized for you, and appreciation you in the amusement. I was sure just when I sat down in the last Tribal. Prior to that, I never truly got excessively


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