Stephen Colbert Retires His ‘Report’ and the Host He Played


tmzNine years of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” reached an end Thursday night alongside its legendary directing intellectual, as the genuine Stephen Colbert bade the group of onlookers goodbye.

He was most recently seen coasting through the mists in the rearward sitting arrangement of Santa’s sleigh adjacent to Alex Trebek (don’t ask).

Prior to that, in the wake of offing the Grim Reaper and proclaiming himself interminable (don’t ask), he headed an eminent singalong in the studio with a room of lights extending from “Every day Show” host Jon Stewart, Andy Cohen and Big Bird to George Lucas, Arianna Huffington and Henry Kissinger.

With Randy Newman at the piano, the assembled sang the piercing pop standard whose verses go, “We’ll meet once more, don’t know where, don’t know when. At the same time I know we’ll meet once more, some sunny day.”

Really, Colbert fans know they’ll be reaching him again in a couple of months, this time playing himself as the new have of CBS’ “Late Show” assuming control for David Letterman, who retreats next May.

Yet none of that mattered amid Thursday’s ambivalent finale.

At the highest point of the show, Colbert welcomed his devotees and set straight any newcomers: “If this is your first time tuning into ‘The Colbert Report,’ I have some frightful news. …”

He affirmed as “somewhat glad news” for Colbert Nation that a wager for his showy grapple work area and his connecting chimney set had raised $313,420 for philanthropy.

In examining his legacy ? something this delightfully acclimatized toward oneself host was constantly glad to do ? Colbert terminated over against the “thinkerati” who, he charged, were scrutinizing his effect.

“In any case I’m not here to boast about how I changed the world,” he went on. “I did something much harder: I “samed” the world. Does that sound dumb? All things considered, they said I sounded dumb in 2005. So That’s the same!”

“The Colbert Report” (both t’s were constantly noiseless) debuted in October 2005 as a satire of the show facilitated by Fox News Channel identity Bill O’reilly. Anyway the Colbert character formed into a cleverly sarcastic spectator, lecturing the inverse of what genuine Stephen Colbert intended to put over. For this daily show of Opposite Day, Colbert won a gave group of onlookers of purported “saints,” in addition to basic approval and two Peabody Awards, which noted that “what began as a farce of punditry is currently its own political stage.”

A performer, entertainer and improv virtuoso, Colbert had made his Stephen Colbert adjust conscience in 1997 as a “senior reporter” for “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

At that point he graduated to a show of his own, where he not just uncovered the failings and fumblings of government, society and the media, however he likewise got specifically included in these issues.

He framed a Super PAC, “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow,” which requested gifts as a showing of how cash mutilates the electing procedure.

In 2007, he declared he would be running for president ? yet just in his local state, South Carolina, whose Democratic Party voted to keep his name off the poll. With Stewart, he in 2010 arranged a “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” as a live TV party that attracted several thousands to Washington’s National Mall.

Very much a legacy. Is it accurate to say that it was sufficient?

“In the event that all we accomplished in the course of the most recent nine years was to come into your home every night and help you make a troublesome day a tad bit better,” said Colbert, for a minute practically getting nostalgic ? “man, what a waste!”

Not surprisingly, he was lecturing the inverse of truth.


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