Saved By the Bell‘s Tiffani Thiessen to Star in New Cooking Show



She’ll serve VIP companions, including Slater and Jessie

It would seem that Jimmy Fallon isn’t the one and only rejoining the children from Bayside High.

Spared By the Bell’s Tiffani Thiessen is getting her own cooking show, called “Supper at Tiffani’s,” where she gets ready and serves supper for her superstar companions, including a portion of the cast parts from the 90’s high schooler sitcom.

Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley, also known as Slater and Jessie, are so far the only alums confirmed to appear. Other guests include Seth Green, Jason Priestly and Lance Bass.

On Wednesday night, Fallon brought most of the cast back together for a sketch on his show, giant cellphones and high-waist jeans included. Thiessen’s show premieres on Feb. 25 on the Cooking Channel.


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