Rooster Teeth animator, ‘RWBY’ creator Monty Oum dies at 33



Monty Oum, an Austin-based illustrator and go on the defensive, passed on Sunday, the organization proclaimed in a blog entry.

Chicken Teeth CEO Matt Hullum said on the Rooster Teeth site that Oum, who was enlisted in 2010 to chip away at the leader show “Red versus Blue,” kicked the bucket in the wake of falling into a state of extreme lethargy. Oum was executive of activity at Rooster Teeth and made the anime-style arrangement “RWBY.”

Oum had a hypersensitive response amid a restorative method, as per the post. A Gofundme crusade had been set up for Oum’s medicinal consideration and as of Monday evening had raised $195,088. Oum is made due by his wife, Sheena, his dad and kin.

In the post, Hullum thanked Rooster Teeth fans for their backing of the fight. He composed:

“As for honoring Monty, we will do that in our own way. In lieu of flowers or gifts, we ask that you simply do something creative. Use your imagination to make the world a better place in any way that you can. If you know Monty like we do, then you know he would certainly be doing that if he were able to.”

“RWBY” ran for two seasons, 28 episodes, after debuting at the company’s RTX convention in 2013 and became a hit, inspiring cosplay and even a video game. In a blog post he wrote for the website Creative Bloq, Oum explained the inspiration for the visuals in the show and how he pitched it to his co-workers. “I came up with a concept for an entirely new type of show, one that would meld the Eastern philosophies and visual style of anime with more Western sensibilities and traditions of folklore. … All they wanted to know was if it would have a bunch of crazy action scenes with wildly elaborate fight choreography. That was an easy ‘yes’ for me.”

Oum additionally had an individual site, montyoum.net, where he composed reminiscently about the demise of his mom in 2012.

The organization put out a passionate short version of its news demonstrate, “The Know,” out of appreciation for Oum, saying it would not be discharging any of its frequently booked features on Monday.

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