Rick Scott staves off Charlie Crist in Florida

rickRepublican Gov. Rick Scott has won a tight reelection race against Democrat Charlie Crist in one of the closest, costliest and most severe challenges in the nation.

Scott had gotten 48 percent of the votes when The Associated Press called the race with 99 percent of regions reporting. Crist got 47 percent.

The contention between the profoundly disagreeable competitors was on full show all through the crusade. A mid-October discuss between the two applicants was named “fangate” after Scott did not appear in front of an audience for the initial seven minutes on the grounds that Crist had an electronic fan – which Scott said was against the tenets — underneath his platform.

(WATCH: Election Day 2014 features)

Fan aside, Scott over and again assaulted Crist — the Republican-turned-free turned-Democrat who served as senator before him — as a deceitful flip-flopper with a poor record on occupations. The multimillionaire occupant additionally regularly discussed his humble childhood.

“I viewed my guardians lose the main family auto,” he said in one level headed discussion. “I viewed a father battle to purchase Christmas presents. I experienced that as a kid.”

At the same time Scott’s childhood did not prevent Democrats from portraying the occupant as distant with the monetary battles of Florida families. They additionally hit Scott on his record as CEO of medicinal services supplier Columbia/HCA, which was researched for Medicare misrepresentation after Scott left.

Crist additionally over and over focused on Scott’s cases of being work maker, saying the Republican gave tremendous tax reductions to enormous organizations that at last did not convey the guaranteed occupations.

(Senator race comes about by state)

“In case you’re someone like Rick Scott, and you have a private plane and you fly 30,000 feet above individuals constantly, or you live in an oceanfront chateau, you’re distant, and you’re not feeling what individuals who are viewing this evening are feeling at home,” Crist said late in the crusade.

Both sides used about $80 million on promotions alone, as per The Wesleyan Media Project. Surveys had the race tied for a significant part of the crusade, however some late studies indicated Crist with a slight edge.

Scott acquired a few enormous name Republicans in the last days, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and gave $12.8 million of his own cash to support his


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