Quotables: Gérard Depardieu Needs A Hug“When I’m bored, I drink, apart from occasional compulsory moments of abstinence. After undergoing bypass surgery (five times), and also because of cholesterol and stuff, I have to be careful. Anyway, I’m not going to die. Not now. I still have energy … I can’t drink like a normal person. I can absorb 12, 13, 14 bottles [of wine] per day. But I’m never totally drunk, just a little pissed. All you need is a 10-minute nap and voilà, a slurp of rosé wine and I feel as fresh as a daisy! I have to admit that when I start counting, doctors start worrying.”

-Gérard Depardieu reveals his shocking, troubling ability to drink 14 bottles of wine a day, makes us all feel really, really sad.

All right, Gérard here has admittedly gotten into some not-so-great things in the past few years — there was that time that he was arrested for drunk driving, and that time that he peed on a plane — but he’s still a legendary actor, and for that matter, he’s still a human being, and what he said here is alarming. Seriously, just think about it: consuming 14 bottles of wine in one day. Really sit down and consider what that would be like. It’s not good, and it’s certainly not healthy.

Just go ahead and think some good things for this guy, OK? Because he must be dealing with a whole, whole lot of things.


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