Mel Gibson in Malibu Car Crash — Mel Says Victim’s Out for Blood


tmzTMZ GOSSIP – Mel Gibson furrowed into a stopped auto in Malibu directly after XMAS … what’s more he says the exploited person is presently nagging him for a large number of dollars she doesn’t merit basically in light of the fact that he’s a rich big name.

Our Malibu sources say Mel was driving some place close to his home at night when he hit the stopped auto. We’re told the harm was serious enough that he needed to bring somebody to come over and remove him from the vehicle. Once out, Mel left a note on the 13-year-old auto with his contact illumination – including his telephone number – and left.

We’re told Mel’s insurance agency give money for the repairs, a rental auto and different costs and sent it to the next driver, however she began calling and messaging him that she needed more. Our Mel sources say she requested more money and another auto.

We’re told the lady started reaching Mel relentlessly, attempting to press him and he at long last undermined to sic his legal advisors on her for irritating him. On her part, the lady has undermined to sue him.

The matter has not been determined.

You’ll review, Mel was captured for DUI in 2006. Concerning this episode, we inquired as to whether liquor was included.

 They said, “absolutely not”

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