Did Ellen DeGeneres Catch Leah Remini’s Husband Cheating On Her?


tmzEllen Degeneres stunned her television show crowd when she apparently found Leah Remini’s spouse undermining her on air.

Ellen found the “undertaking” when she chose to give Leah’s spouse, Angelo Pagan, a ring amid the show. Degeneres clarified to the crowd that she and Remini were going to trick call Pagan to get revenge for a trick he had as of late played on his wife. As per Leah, Angelo was on a business excursion and staying in a lodging (wager you can see where this going).

Leah turned out to be a horrible trick guest — her splendid arrangement was for Ellen to get some information about his lodging in a senseless voice. Be that as it may, things got intriguing when Angelo didn’t get the telephone. Rather the group of onlookers heard a lady’s voice, and Remini snatched the telephone from Degeneres while yelling an interjectio

“What the f***! Who is this?” she asked.

“This is Tiffany. Who’s this?” the woman responded.

Leah informed Tiffany that she was Angelo’s wife, and Tiffany could be heard questioning Angelo in the background.

“You’re married?” she asked.



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