Ciara Is Taking Heat For Her ‘Revealing’ Football Playoff Dress


ciara-dress“Famous Woman Wears Outfit And Everyone Has An Opinion About It”: It’s a narrative as old as time itself, made even more badgering by Twitter’s instant flood of opinions and “Fashion Police’s” ruthlessness played off as playfulness. Celebs these days just can’t catch a break from the scrutiny.

Thus when Ciara appeared to perform the National Anthem at the College Football Playoff Championship on Monday night (Jan. 11), it wasn’t her vocal capacities that got individuals talking (which is a disgrace, since she sounded amazing). It was her dress.

Before we take a decent, hard take a gander at Ciara’s outfit, see yourself as cautioned: you’re going to see some — GASP! — cleavage.

So. What we have here is a story length outfit with a cape and a sheer, V-formed board that, yes, shows off a touch of cleavage. On the other hand a great deal, contingent upon who you inquire. Previous ESPN correspondent Bonnie Bernstein was among the first Twittics (new expression I just instituted for Twitter faultfinders, you like?) to opine that Ciara’s dress was excessively uncovering for a national group of onlookers.

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