C-SPAN Caller Asks Why There’s Not A ‘White Caucus’ In Congress (VIDEO)


CspanC-SPAN guests are a unique breed: municipally drew in, over the top politicos, and now and again extremely bigot. The system got a live one amid a break from Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi affirmation on Thursday, with a guest inquiring as to why Congress doesn’t have a “white assembly.”

“Hi, I’d like to know why there is not a white caucus in Congress,” David said.

The C-SPAN host interrupted to clarify: “Did you say right caucus?”

“No, white. W-h-i-t-e,” the man spelled out.

“OK,” the host, clearly caught off-guard, said with eyebrows raised.

“We have a black caucus, we have a Mexican caucus. We don’t have a white caucus. I’d like to know why,” David went on.

The caller didn’t miss a beat before turning back to Clinton: “And also I’ve watched the Clintons since they first got into politics, and they’ve never told the truth. It’s been a constant lie.”

Watch the full call, captured by TPM:


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