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It was Throwback Thursday on American Idol not long from now, when the GREATEST CONTESTANT EVER TO COMPETE ON THE SHOW, from THE BEST SEASON EVER, returned and lived like there’s no tomorrow as the first alum to ever serve as a visitor judge.

Sad for running insane with the capslock there, however I’m discussing the Glamerican Idol himself, Mr. Adam Lambert — the man with preferred hair over Keith Urban, zingier one-liners than Harry Connick Jr., and some may even say a prettier face than Jennifer Lopez. So obviously a consistent old textual style simply won’t do.

Of late, Idol’s makers have been bothering and on, longwindedly and in some cases unconvincingly, about how “American Idol makes stars.” But truly, seeing Adam six years after his first Idol appearance, his old Hot Topic hoodie and Manic-Panicked bald spot cap swapped for a planner suit and unobtrusive tone-on-tone highlights, effectively expressed that idea. In 2009, Adam strolled into the trial room resembling some adorable emo kid; in 2015, he returned resembling an adult superstar.

Much has changed for Adam since Season 8, otherwise known as THE BEST SEASON EVER, other than his redesigned hair and closet. He scored a main 10 hit that earned him a Grammy selection. He had a consistent part on Glee. Of late, he’s been fronting Queen at sold-out stadiums as far and wide as possible. Also on Thursday, that day that his Idol visitor judging appearance disclosed, he reported that he has marked another manage Warner Bros. Records and is taking a shot at his third collection with hitmakers Max Martin and Shellback. Anyhow when Adam “re-auditioned” for the current week with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” — the same tune he performed at Season 8’s San Francisco tryouts, years before he wound up singing it on visit with the real Queen — his voice, acting skill, and certainty stayed unaltered. I figure some individuals are simply conceived Idols.

Adam’s Idol appearance not long from now could have had a negative impact on viewers: Instead of it being exciting to perceive how far Adam has come, it could’ve been out and out discouraging to acknowledge how far Idol has gone downhill since his historic point season, otherwise known as THE BEST SEASON EVER. Be that as it may thankfully, there was nothing discouraging about Thursday’s scene.

As a matter of first importance, Adam was an extraordinary judge — empowering and sympathetic, yet extreme when he expected to be. So that was pleasant. Also second, while there were no artists at this present Thursday’s tryouts, which occurred in New York City, that were comfortable Lambert level, a significant part of the ability was still evidently amazing.

Could any of Thursday’s New Yorkers be Idol’s next breakout star, following in Adam’s Louboutin-booted strides? We should rundown the best of the cluster and figure out:

Hollywood Anderson – Idol makers spared the best tryout for last, yet I’m simply going to get down to business and notice this gentleman first. That is to say, why delay satisfaction, correct? This amicable metro busker didn’t appear like superstar material when he blast into the trial room, yet when he began playing his unique melody “My Best Friend,” it was the first real hair-on-end snippet of Season 14. This tune will frequent me for a considerable length of time. I’ve as of now got Hollywood’s Soundcloud on rehash. What a stunning shock song, conveyed with such anxiety and energy — and such a voice! The majority of the judges were wowed. I hadn’t seen Adam’s face this lit-up since I initially witnessed his neon For Your Entertainment collection craftsmanship. Jennifer guaranteed she needed to record “My Best Friend.” (No, Hollywood, don’t let her do that. Keep that jewel for yourself.) Harry said this was perhaps the best tryout of the season as such. I can’t hold up to see Hollywood Anderson in Hol

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